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  • Online Learning for Kids (Quick Guide)

    Online Learning for Kids

    The rapid development in technology that favors digital progress in the learning system has made online learning for kids a success. Many parents across the country have started embracing the E-learning system. Research shows that online study is likely to take over physical learning soon. […]

  • Online Learning for Adults (Quick Guide)

    Online Learning for Adults

    Most working adults tend to find it challenging to study. Some of them end up quitting their jobs to undertake further studies. However, the decision to quit a day job might have a negative economic impact. The idea might increase the degree of mental health […]

  • Managing Online Learning Expectations for Students

    Online learning is suitable for self-motivated and independent learners. It is the reason for setting realistic expectations for your online learning environment. This comes with many different challenges such as time management to deliver all tasks and projects and discipline to stick to the course […]

  • Managing Online Learning Expectations for Teachers

    FI Online Teacher

    A lot of learning institutions across the world have opted for a blended learning environment. The aim is to accommodate those learners considering distance education courses. The introduction of online classes has been seen as a real deal by many institutions. But an online learning […]

  • Best Online Learning Strategies for Teachers and Students

    FI Online Learning Strategies

    We understand you should be concerned about how to make things fun for students through online learning. Therefore, here are the best strategies that can make your online training class enjoyable. Online Learning Strategies Before you browse each one of them, implement these online learning […]

  • Online Learning in Higher Education

    FI Higher Education

    There is confusion about the importance of higher education. For some, it just meant an education that could get a college degree. For others, he voluntarily pursues and attends training. What is Higher Education? Higher Education is best defined as all education beyond post-secondary. This […]

  • Is Online Degree Worth it? Cost, Time and Real Value

    Online Learning Worth it

    The debate of whether online degrees are worth it has been in the public discussion for a long time. While many think that these programs are worth it, others believe that they are less valuable and are inferior to on-campus programs. Despite that, online programs […]

  • What is Online Learning?

    FIOnline Learning

      Thanks to the advent of technology, online learning is possible in many institutions around the globe. Students can now access learning resources and lectures without the need to attend in-person lessons. E-learning gives them a chance to enjoy a studying experience that is suited […]

  • Know Whether Choosing an Online Degree Is Good for You

    Online Education

    Are you considering taking an online degree? If so, you must stop by and read this article before you go ahead. Many people suddenly decide to attend an online school due to its popularity nowadays. This is not the right reason to decide to go […]