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  • Average Cost of Homeschooling | Things to Consider

    Average Cost of Homeschooling FI

    Many parents are now opting to homeschool their children instead of sending them to private or public schools. This article is meant to teach you more about the homeschooling movement, the average cost of homeschooling, and what is involved when it comes to educating kids […] More

  • Best Place to Study Abroad in Europe in 2021

    Study Abroad

    Europe has some of the most prestigious universities and colleges. Some of the best countries to study abroad are Denmark, Greece, Norway, and Austria among others. The list is too long since the continent has a lot of countries. Keep in mind that Non-EU students […] More

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    Study Habits for High School Students

    High School Habits

    A good study habit is not genetic. It is one of the reasons behind high school students being taught to develop the skills. The study skills allow learners to transition from high school to college. But teaching teens these skills can be both exciting and […] More

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    The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Online Learning

    Emotional Intelligence

    Online learning is likely to take over traditional classroom attendance in the coming years. The outbreak of the pandemic has helped to spearhead the development of online education. Many parents have likely opted for this form of learning even after the end of the pandemic […] More

  • Why is it Against the Law to Plagiarize?


    Plagiarism is common in artwork and writing, yet much misunderstood and misused on several occasions. Whereas most people understand that plagiarism is unlawful, they don’t know why it’s illegal and the involved repercussions. It is unwise to wait until you are on the other side […] More

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    K12 Online School Special Education | (Quick Guide)

    K12 Online School Special Education

    Basic education is compulsory for every child regardless of the physical and health condition. It is one way to combat illiteracy and bring balance to the country. The government has supported students with special needs to make education life affordable and accommodative. But the emergency […] More

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    How do Online Exams Works? | Design a High Quality Exam

    How do Online Exams Works

    Exams are never the favorite part of students being in school. But tests are quite crucial in demonstrating the academic progress of the learner. Tests for online learners take place at the end of the semester from the online platform. But this usually depends on […] More

  • Online Test Taking Strategies

    Online Test Taking Strategies

    Many people around the world with the urge to learn have opted for virtual learning. It is the most convenient option while undertaking daily job routines. That’s not all. Many parents have also resorted to enrolling their children in online learning since it is affordable […] More

  • Online Education for K-12 | Pros and Cons (Quick Guide)

    K12 Online School

    As a parent, you have the great expectation to provide your children with the best education possible. But choosing the best mode of learning is challenging for parents.   Most guardians and parents in the country prefer physical learning over E-learning for some reasons. However, […] More

  • Online Learning for Kids (Quick Guide)

    Online Learning for Kids

    The rapid development in technology that favors digital progress in the learning system has made online learning for kids a success. Many parents across the country have started embracing the E-learning system. Research shows that online study is likely to take over physical learning soon. […] More

  • Online Learning for Adults (Quick Guide)

    Online Learning for Adults

    Most working adults tend to find it challenging to study. Some of them end up quitting their jobs to undertake further studies. However, the decision to quit a day job might have a negative economic impact. The idea might increase the degree of mental health […] More

  • Managing Online Learning Expectations for Students

    Online Expectatios for Students

    Online learning is suitable for self-motivated and independent learners. It is the reason for setting realistic expectations for your online learning environment. This comes with many different challenges such as time management to deliver all tasks and projects and discipline to stick to the course […] More

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