Best Place to Study Abroad in Europe in 2021

Europe has some of the most prestigious universities and colleges.

Some of the best countries to study abroad are Denmark, Greece, Norway, and Austria among others. The list is too long since the continent has a lot of countries.

Keep in mind that Non-EU students pay huge amounts of tuition fees. But the quality of education and privileges are worth the value of your money.

We have compiled a guide that highlights some of the best places to study in Europe for English speakers. Take the time to read through the list and pick the destination for your education.

7 Best Countries to Study in Europe in 2021



The UK is the leading destination in Europe for learners looking to study abroad. London capital has the highest number of U.S international students.

The most incredible thing is that the city has cultural diversity. The cuisine in the city has a unique culture and feel. London offers the best experience for international students.

Besides that, the capital has some of the best universities that offer a wider range of courses. All the programs are taught in English. It is the place to make your academic dreams come true.

The large international community of students makes the city a great place to enjoy your learning experience. The chances of getting bored are almost zero since the surrounding has everything of your dreams.

Top 5 Universities in London

  1. Imperial College London
  2. University College London
  3. King’s College London
  4. London School of Economics and Political Science
  5. Queen Mary University of London

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This country fits under the category of the smallest countries in Europe. But Lisbon offers some of the best studying experiences in the country.

The capital is packed with a lot of unique things that will make your stay amazing. Yet, it is the home of about half a million residents.

You can explore the city on foot and this will save you from the cost of transportation. One of my favorite things is that the capital offers everything that you will ever think of.

The amazing weather condition and the serenity of the capital have attracted a lot of international students. The relaxing vibe makes the country the best place to study abroad in Europe.

International courses are taught in English and the cost of living in the city is quite affordable for international students.

Top 5 Universities in Lisbon

  1. University of Lisbon
  2. Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
  3. Lisbon School of Economics & Management
  4. Universidade Europeia
  5. IADE



The port city has one of the best hospitable communities in Ireland. The landscape and architectural design of buildings in the capital are quite fascinating.

The historical building design will help you understand the culture of the country with ease. The blending of modern buildings with old ones makes Ireland one of the best countries to study abroad.

The streets of Dublin are full of positive vibes and life throughout the day. The city has numerous spots to hang out with friends in the evening after classes.

Although, Dublin is surrounded by green areas and beautiful places all over, Phoenix Park is a must-visit and is one of the main parks in the city. It creates an environment ideal for meditation due to the quietness and calmness.

The Emerald Isle is a great place loaded with a good number of international students. You can make new friends from the area and even form a study group.

Top 5 Universities in Dublin

  1. Trinity College Dublin
  2. University College Dublin
  3. Dublin City University
  4. Technological University for Dublin
  5. Dublin Institute of Technology

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Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is quite popular due to the powerful economy and great historical past in Europe. It is marked with plenty of places that provide a rich history of Germany and the rest of Europe.

The cool city has a unique architectural design of buildings and hospitable people. It forms a great city for international students. The young generation of the city dwellers speaks English and this helps to eliminate the language barrier.

You will need public transport to explore the city due to the highest number of population. Keep in mind that all top universities of Germany are found in Berlin.

The biggest shortcoming is that the daily expenses in the city are quite expensive. The presence of cheap snacks in the streets makes things a little easier for budgeted learners.

Top 5 Universities in Berlin

  1. Humboldt University
  2. Free University of Berlin
  3. Technical University of Berlin
  4. Berlin University of the Arts
  5. Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin



Another great destination to study abroad. The capital of Amsterdam is quite small and can be explored on foot. If you are looking to live like a local, then you will need to buy a bicycle.

The relaxing environment creates positive vibes and eliminates the stereotype of the famed red-light districts. The music themes in the clubs are great for international students to hang out with friends.

The strolling canals and beautiful cafes will make your stay in the Netherlands full of memories. The good news is that almost everyone in the country speaks English.

Some of the top universities in the country are found in the capital. You can get courses that are being taught in English or Dutch.

Top 5 Universities in Amsterdam

  1. University of Amsterdam
  2. United International Business Schools
  3. Global School for Entrepreneurship
  4. Royal Tropical Institute
  5. Amsterdam Fashion Academy

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Madrid is one of the cities in Europe that has attracted a huge number of American students. The sprawling and bustling of the city happen to be the reason behind the attraction.

Getting thriving international community groups in Madrid is quite easy. These are some of the things that will make you feel at home.

The large metropolitan city has plenty of activities to undertake as an international student. The museum, parks, and cuisine are topnotch.

The capital is the home of some prestigious universities in Spain. It is one of the things that make the country the best destination to study abroad.

Top 5 Universities in Madrid

  1. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  2. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  3. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  4. Politécnica de Madrid
  5. Universidad de Alcalá



Paris is the capital of France and it is a huge city in Europe. Exploring the capital on foot is quite difficult. You will be expected to use public transport.

The capital has aesthetic streets that bring positive vibes and charming experience for international students. Besides that, the city is flocked by the largest number of tourists and students from all over.

Paris is loaded with companies and institutions that offer the best programs in the world. Some courses are offered in English while others in French.

Top 5 Universities in Paris

  1. Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University
  2. École Polytechnique (ParisTech)
  3. Sorbonne Université
  4. Sciences Po Paris
  5. Université de Paris

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In Conclusion

Europe is the best place to study abroad. The history, culture, and cuisine of the countries tend to create a long-lasting memorable experience.

We hope the countries listed in the guide will help you make a quick and informed decision. Keep in mind that the cities of the countries have top universities that offer a great discount for international students.

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