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    Is FAFSA a Loan?


      The FAFSA is not a loan. It is an application form named Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form is used primarily to apply for grants, work-study, and loans in the U.S. The FAFSA is divided into seven steps, steps 1, 2, 3, […] More

  • What is a Pell Grant? Are you Eligible?

    Pell Grant

    Most people do not believe that there is free money for college. However, the federal government provides students with this financial support in the form of grants such as the Pell Grant. With this grant, one does not have to pay back the cash, unlike […] More

  • Looking for Federal Student Loans? Read this.

    U.S Federal Student Loans

    Looking and applying for Federal Student Loans can be daunting at first, however, in this post I’ll try to simplify the process and explain what are the available Federal Student Loans, their interest rates, some of the benefits, and how you may apply. What is […] More

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    QUIZ: Which element defines your personality?

    4 Elements

    Every element is associated with a type of personality. Even though all four elements are present in us, there is a specific natural element that can describe your personality. In this quiz, you’ll find what characteristics connect you with these elements. There are no right […] More

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    QUIZ: What’s your Communication style?

    Communication Style

    There are three basic communication styles: Passive, Aggressive, and Assertive. We could say that every person has a unique way to communicate as human communication is present in the day-to-day. Our education plays a significant role in how we communicate but also remember that are […] More

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    QUIZ: What’s Your Learning Style?

    Learning Style

    It is well known that people learn in different ways, as per the senses that we usually consider to be most important to us when acquiring, processing, and responding to the information we receive from the environment. These differences make us unique in our learning […] More

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    QUIZ: How much you know about space?


    Ready for the challenge? Let’s put your space knowledge to the test. Seat tight, breathe, and let’s have fun. Good Luck 😀 More

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    List of Accredited Homeschool Programs


    Many parents are preferring to homeschool their children instead of sending them to conventional schools. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of homeschooling and different accredited homeschool programs. What is Homeschooling? Homeschooling involves educating children at home instead of sending them to […] More

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    How much does it cost for Homeschooling | Checking Education

    Average Cost of Homeschooling FI

    Many parents are now opting to homeschool their children instead of sending them to private or public schools. This article is meant to teach you more about the homeschooling movement, the average cost of homeschooling, and what is involved when it comes to educating kids […] More

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    Best Place to Study Abroad in Europe in 2021

    Study Abroad

    Europe has some of the most prestigious universities and colleges. Some of the best countries to study abroad are Denmark, Greece, Norway, and Austria among others. The list is too long since the continent has a lot of countries. Keep in mind that Non-EU students […] More

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    Study Habits for High School Students

    High School Habits

    A good study habit is not genetic. It is one of the reasons behind high school students being taught to develop the skills. The study skills allow learners to transition from high school to college. But teaching teens these skills can be both exciting and […] More

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