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QUIZ: Which element defines your personality?

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    Do you like to hang out with friends at home?

    • I rather go to a Cafe. I don’t like to do reunions at home.
    • Yes! I like to invite everyone to my place
    • No! I don’t like the idea of cleaning
    • I usually go to my friends place
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    What do you think when someone on the street stares at you?

    • Surely I’m wearing something wrong
    • If he’s looking for trouble, this is his lucky day
    • I know I look brilliant today
    • Nothing, I was just passing by
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    How do you act when you fall in love?

    • Don’t talk to me about love, I don’t wanna know
    • Happiness flows all over me every day
    • I don’t give any sign until I’m 100% convinced
    • I’ll wait to start a convo with that person and also I’m kind when I do
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    You arrive at a restaurant and there is a long waiting line, what is your reaction?

    • I go home
    • I look for another place, I won’t wait
    • I’ll wait no more than 10 minuets
    • I ask the waiter how long we need to wait
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    What was your favorite subject in school?

    • History
    • Sports
    • Math and Science
    • Social Science
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    What kind of Instagram accounts do you follow?

    • Professional photography
    • Sports and Travel
    • Favorite artists
    • Food and Restaurants
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    If someone invites you to camp in the forest, what do you respond?

    • Yes! I need some meditation
    • Yes! I take care of the camping tent
    • Can I invite some friends?
    • I can put my car for the trip
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    Which color do you prefer?

    • Blue
    • Red
    • Violet
    • Green
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    What type of transport would you use?

    • I prefer to walk
    • Motorcycle
    • Bicycle
    • Car
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    You see an accident on the street, how do you react?

    • I look at the situation from a distance
    • I ask if assistance is needed
    • I get closer to see what’s happening
    • I call 911
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    What do you do if your partner leaves you?

    • You’ll be alright you know you’ll find someone else
    • You try not to think and you start something productive
    • You try to understand logically what happened
    • You get so depressed that you think you’ll never find someone else
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    A person asks you for money in the traffic light. What do you do?

    • It outrages you and you suggest that he start doing more productive things
    • You get out of the car and buy him some food
    • You ask him what he’s still doing there, you start asking more question about his life
    • You get so emotional that you don’t know what to do
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    You got invited to a family reunion with people you have not seen in a long time

    • You ask yourself if it is worth going as you don’t do things out of obligation
    • You already have plans for the weekend, you don’t like the idea but you know you need to go
    • You like the idea, you can go for a while and then onto other reunions
    • You get excited, you got good memories but also some uncomfortable moments
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    In a relationship, you consider yourself…

    • Independent
    • Faithful
    • Loving
    • Partying
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    As a person, you consider yourself as …

    • Passionate
    • Stable
    • Detached
    • Empathic
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