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QUIZ: What’s Your Learning Style?

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    Which of the following activities do you enjoy the most?

    • Listen to music
    • Watch movies
    • Dance with good music
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    What TV show do you prefer?

    • Discovery reports and places
    • Comedy and entertainment
    • World News
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    When you chat with another person, you:

    • Listen carefully
    • Watch that person carefully
    • Tend to be close while chatting
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    If you could purchase one of the following items, which would you choose?

    • A Jacuzzi
    • A Sound System
    • A TV
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    What do you prefer to do on a Saturday afternoon?

    • Stay at home
    • Go to a concert
    • Go to the movies
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    What types of exams are easier for you?

    • Oral exam
    • Written exam
    • Multiple choice exam
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    How do you find your bearings more easily?

    • By using a map
    • Asking for directions
    • Through intuition
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    How do you prefer to spend your time in a resting place?

    • Thinking
    • Walking around
    • Rest
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    What flatters you the most?

    • To be told that you look good
    • Tell you that you have a very nice treatment
    • Being told that you have an interesting conversation
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    Which of these environments attracts you the most?

    • One in which you feel a pleasant climate
    • One in which you can hear the ocean waves
    • One with a beautiful ocean view
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    How is learning something easier for you?

    • Repeating things out loud
    • Writing it several times
    • Relating it to something fun
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    Which event would you prefer to attend?

    • To a Social gathering
    • To an Art exhibition
    • To a conference
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    How do you form an opinion of other people?

    • For the sincerity in his voice
    • By the way I shake your hand
    • By its appearance
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    How do you consider yourself?

    • Athletic
    • Intellectual
    • Social
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    What kind of movies do you like more?

    • Classics
    • Action
    • Romatic
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    How do you prefer to keep in touch with another person?

    • Via email
    • Having coffee together
    • By phone
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    If money was not a problem, what would you do?

    • Buy a house
    • Travel and see the world
    • Acquire a recording studio
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    Which of the following phrases most identify with you?

    • I like my car to feel good when driving it
    • I perceive even the slightest noise my car makes
    • It is important that my car is clean inside and out
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    If you can’t find the keys in a bag

    • You search just by looking
    • You shake the bag to hear the noise
    • You search by touch
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    When you try to remember something, how do you do it?

    • Through images
    • Through emotions
    • Through sounds
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