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QUIZ: What’s your Communication style? – Passive Aggressive Assertive Quiz

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    A colleague is calling you with a nickname that you dislike, you …

    • You feel upset, but you tell the truth: “I don’t like what you are doing, please stop”
    • You get angry, you tell him: “Don’t bother me! You are perfect?”
    • You keep quiet and act like nothing has been said to you.
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    A friend has just arrived for dinner, but surprise surprise an hour later than he said. He has not called or texted you to inform you that he would be late. You are irritated by the delay… what do you do?

    • Greet him as if nothing had happened and say “Come in, dinner is on the table.”
    • I’ve been waiting for an hour without knowing what was going on. You have made me nervous and irritated, if you are late again let me know, it will make the wait more pleasant.
    • I say “are you so late ?! I will never invite you again… Can’t you make it on time ?! “
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    A colleague constantly gives you their work for you to do. You decide to end this situation, what do you say?

    • I’m pretty busy, but if you can’t, I can help you.
    • I tell him that he is inconsiderate, that I also have things to do… “Do your own work”
    • You always ask me to help you with your tasks, because you don’t know how to do it, but I’m already tired of doing your job, try to do it yourself and learn to be responsible.
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    You go to a restaurant for dinner, when the waiter brings what you have ordered, you realize that your glass is dirty … What do you do?

    • I don’t say anything and use the dirty glass even though I don’t like it
    • I make a big fuss in the place and tell the waiter that since the service is disgusting I will never go to that establishment again.
    • I call the waiter and ask him to please change my glass.
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    You are in a long line to enter the bank, a man arrives and infiltrates the line, in front of you, you …

    • I yell at him saying that I have arrived first, not to abuse and to wait for his turn in line
    • I keep quiet, after all, we are all getting attended.
    • I tell him to please get back in line, I have been here before him, and he must respect the queue.
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    You are in a group doing a job, you propose a new idea to improve, however your partner says that it is wrong, that you are useless, you …

    • I make him understand that we can all propose ideas, whether they are correct or wrong, and that if it is wrong, there are proper ways to say your comments.
    • I keep quiet and I will never propose new ideas
    • I get upset with the person, and say: “You better do it.”
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    You are in a cinema watching a movie, suddenly a person’s cell phone rings and they answer, what do you?

    • I tell him to please turn off his cell phone, and to leave because it causes disorder.
    • I create a scene, telling him that this is not the place to talk on the phone, to be polite, and respect others.
    • I don’t say anything to him, although I hate I can’t listen to the movie.
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    You are at a party, a person invites you to dance, but I don’t like his personality, what do you say?

    • I refuse
    • I accept even if I don’t want to
    • I tell him he’s crazy, that he would never dance like someone like him/her
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    They made fun of your answer in class, you …

    • I feel like only others make mistakes not me. I yell at them to shut up.
    • I avoid giving my opinions again, I’m afraid of looking like a fool again
    • I say to them: “Sorry if my answer was wrong, but please do not make fun, because we can all make mistakes, just like you and I.”
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    You are taking an exam, and you realize that your partner is copying your answers … what do you do?

    • I accuse him with the teacher in a loud voice so that everyone knows what he’s doing.
    • I tell him in a low voice that please stop copying my exam because otherwise, I will have to accuse him with the teacher.
    • I let him copy me, even though I know I’m doing wrong, and I don’t like the idea.
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