Online Test Taking Strategies

Online Test Taking Strategies

Many people around the world with the urge to learn have opted for virtual learning. It is the most convenient option while undertaking daily job routines.

That’s not all. Many parents have also resorted to enrolling their children in online learning since it is affordable and guarantees the safety of the kid from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learners can undertake their normal learning routine at the comfort of their home. Online learning has relieved many students of the hassle of waking up early not to miss the school bus.

However, online tests like any other exam still bring anxiety among learners. The anxiety level is still too high for some learners. This is one of the issues that has seen many students failing in their exams.

But a good organization and preparation is the best thing to consider. These two crucial things help to prepare and be ready for the online exam.

We have compiled detailed online test taking strategies for learners in college and elementary school. These tips have been tested and proven to be effective in matters of online exam.

Tips for Taking Online Tests for Learners

Online exams are still intimidating many learners like the traditional classroom. The anxiety buildup can facilitate low grades in the test if not manage in the right way.

Here are tips to consider for a successful online exam:

Prepare for Exam

Create a study plan to offer guidance in preparation for the coming exam. Take the time to read and meditate on various learning materials in advance.

Thorough revisions and taking practice tests at the end of the topics will help to prepare for the exam. Identify a study routine that suits your preference and needs to avoid straining while reading.

Ensure the reading notes and flashcards are up to date. Re-read topics in the textbooks in cases those online learning resources are not clear.

Check E-mail Often

Many instructors do send emails or messages to students regarding the exam module. The information from the email explains everything about the test.

It is upon the learner to read through the instruction and respond in case of not understanding. The instructor will further explain.

Therefore, students need to check the e-mail inbox often not to miss out on any message sent by the facilitator. Remember organization skills are important to the success of the online exam.

Check Functionality of the Computer

It is quite frustrating to turn on the laptop during the D-day for the exam and find out the machine is not working at all. The stress of the computer and anxiety will be a clear roadmap to failing.

We recommend testing the computer functionality and connection with the Wi-Fi four hours before the commencement of the exam. You will get to know where there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Remember also to open different browsers to check if the machine and the internet are working. It will help reduce the risk of closing the online exam without finishing.

Find a Quiet Place for Taking the Test

Online learning allows students to do it in the comfort of their homes. Some learners prefer undertaking lessons while in bed or even watching Television.

But taking online tests in this manner is not advisable. Watching TV and playing with your pet will affect your focus during the exam. Also, the sleeping posture is not good during the exam period.

We recommend getting a quiet space in the house that has a study table and chair. Ensure the space receives light and has electrical sockets for connecting your computer.

These types of environments are great for learners to undertake online study and exams. They are free from any sort of distractions to maintain maximum concentration.

Read and Understand Test Guidelines

The first thing to put into consideration is checking and rechecking the test time and date. Many students tend to forget the date and time of doing the test.

Go over the additional guidelines regarding the time required to complete the tests and identify which questions are compulsory.

Get to know if you are required to answer all questions and select a few. It will help save time while undertaking the online assessment tests.

Take Exam Practice for Revision

Inquire from the instructor for a practice exam and test it. The revision will allow you to prepare for the exam adequately apart from reading the notes and flashcards.

Besides that, the practice tests will help you know how to manage time before commencing the real test at the end of the semester.

Sometimes lecturers might be busy and getting practice tests from them could be difficult. You can ask them for any recommendations to help sharpen your revision skills.

Use Logic When Undertaking Exam

Answering questions with multiple choices normally entails the use of logic. Elimination tactics are known for working more effectively.

Take the time to read through a choice of answers provide and eliminate one by one until you get an ideal answer that suits the question’s satisfaction.

Keep Track of Time

Most platforms facilitating online exams are usually timed. This is an indicator that when time elapses, the platform gets deactivated.

You need to be on a watch out and answer the questions at the right pace. This is a good strategy to make sure time is on your side and that you can complete your exam at your best.

Remember not to dwell on one question for long. We recommend leaving being complicated questions and attending to the easier ones. Go back to it after completing the easier ones.

Notify Instructors Due to Technical Problems

Digital platforms are prone to technical problems. It is advisable not to despair. Instead, take a screenshot and notify the instructor about the issue.

The facilitator will reach out to you and help to organize a better way of handling the technical problem. The online teacher might organize another unique test for you.

Review All the Answers

Take the time to check and review all the answers provided before submitting the exam. Ensure you have answered all the questions in the right manner.

Keep in mind that you will get zero credit for all the questions not answered. The trend will affect your final score and even grade.

Top Challenges of Taking Online Exams

There are a lot of things that make the online examination process difficult to manage. Most of these challenges are technology-related and inevitable in any online tests settings.

These challenges include:

Internet Connectivity Issues

Many remote areas around the world still experience internet problems. Internet connectivity challenges can affect the smooth flow of exams and sometimes even execution can be a big issue.

Instructors are advised to come up with a platform that accepts executing the exams offline and submit online after completion.

Unresponsive Question Blanks

The question blanks responsiveness and accuracy play a crucial role in determining the success of online assessment tests. High-quality exams are highly valued but sometimes setting these exams can affect the responsiveness of the question blanks.

Failing to set the parameters of these blanks will affect the responsiveness. Hence, there is a high chance of not working properly.

Poor Communication with Learners

Online tests are done by many learners from across the globe. Those living in remote areas find it difficult to communicate with their tutors in case of a problem.

Poor communication networks and channels in rural areas make it difficult for the proper flow of information regarding the assessments.

Security of the Online Assessment Tests

Online assessment tests security is a crucial factor. The authentication help to ensure the right student attends the exam. But is the crucial part of technology missing in many online learning institutions.

Therefore, there is a high chance of cheating by learners. This later renders the online examination process useless. Tutors need to devise methods that help to monitor the cheating behavior among learners.

Can Online Exams Detect Cheating?

The onset of the pandemic has made many learning institutions conduct online exams. Research shows that the number of virtual learning institutions offering online assessments has increased.

However, the issue of cheating is still tossing the mind of many online learning administrators. Learners have devised tricks on how to cheat on their online assessments without tutors knowing.

So, can online exams detect cheating? Absolutely. Many online learning institutions have come up with examination programs to help detect the issue.

This has helped heavily to ensure the credibility and integrity of the assessments.

Are Online Exams Easier?

Assessments are not used to measure the intelligence of a learner. Instead, these tests are meant for tracking the academic progress of a learner.

Preparation of the assessments through revision and study is the only way to excel in any exam. There are no easy tests for those learners who have not prepared in advance.

So, are online exams easier? Not really. All the exams are set according to the standards of the department of education and the guidelines of the institution.

The aim of high standard exams is meant to nurture and instill a responsibility among learners as the leaders of the future.

Wrap Up

Many learners usually develop anxiety when taking online tests for the first time. This is considered normal. Implementing these online test taking strategies could be challenging and it’s also understandable.

Take your time.

It is not 100% guaranteed, but these tips will instill confidence and boost self-esteem. You will be able to handle the online examination with less stress.

Therefore, take the time to read through each tip and devise a method on how to implement it. These tricks have been tested and proven by educationists to be quite effective and efficient.

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